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Springfield Adopts New 20-Year Plan


After almost three years of planning, Springfield’s City Council on Monday approved the city’s strategic plan for the next two decades. As KSMU’s Julie Greene reports, the Field Guide 2030 outlines Springfield’s major goals over 13 chapters.

The chapters contain three topics that have never been included in a strategic plan before, including early childhood development, global perspectives and proactive city management. The chapters are then strung together by four main themes: civic engagement, sustainability, regionalism and minimizing poverty.

Springfield’s Mayor Bob Stephens sponsored the plan.

“Although the city was the primary driver, this is really a community-wide field guide, or strategic plan, so there are things in it the city will do, the county will do, the education community will be responsible for, and there are things in that some of our non-for-profits will be working on,” Stephens said. 

The plan was put together by over a few hundred citizens working in teams, with around 12-15 individuals working on each chapter. Workers also sought feedback from community members by participating in listening tours, public meetings and public events like Artsfest and Cider Days.

Only one City Council member, Doug Burlison, voted against the plan, citing concerns with adopting every goal mentioned in Field Guide.

Mark McNay is co-chair of the Coordinating Committee.

“This is truly a blueprint. This is a menu of options that are available. It’s a sense of what our community sees as important today, but it’s the responsibility and charge of our community moving forward to determine which ones are most important,” McNay said.

The Greene County Commission is expected to approve the Field Guide 2030 within the next two weeks. If approved, McNay says that’s when they can begin implementing the plan.  

Progress on the Field Guide 2030 will be reviewed by officials every five years.

For KSMU News, I’m Julie Greene.