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Tabula Rasa Theatre Company Produces "The Arkansaw Bear" at the Discovery Center


Join Tabula Rasa Theatre Production Company for a story that will appeal to people of all ages: "The Arkansaw Bear" by Aurand Harris, to be performed Friday and Saturday Nov. 7 and 8 at 6:30pm at the Discovery Center of Springfield.  Saddened and bewildered at her grandfather's approaching death, Tish runs to her "special tree." There, in a world of fantasy provided by her wish on a star, she meets the world's greatest dancing bear. He is old, like her grandfather, and is running away—from death. In trying to help him, she begins to understand the meaning of both life and death, which helps her to cope with her own sadness. The play blends realism and fantasy, pathos and humor. It is delightfully theatrical, with music, magic and dance, and enthusiastically applauded by children's audiences and family audiences. 

MSU junior Zoe Zelonky, who plays the star upon which the little girl wishes, describes Tabula Rasa as a "student-run company," allowing theatre students the chance to do things "they wouldn't necessarily get to do in other places.  We have student directors, a student lighting designer... it's all student-run."  Adelynn  Hubbard, who serves as Stage Manager for this production, says the director of this show chose to stage it in-the-round, with the audience seating on all sides.  Annie Lewis-Lay, who plays the central role of the little girl Tish, notes that they're planning on seating for about 120 at each performance.

Admission is $5 for students and children, and $7 for adults.  Tickets may be reserved by sending a text to (417) 434-5670 or emailing  Their website is