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Greene County Will Formally Dedicate John Looney's Grave on September 1st

The Greene County Historical Sites Board will formally dedicate the grave of John Looney on September 1st at eleven am. Looney and his family played a key role in the developments of Greene County back in the mid 1800's. KSMU's Joe Morgan has more.

It's time for a local history lesson. John Looney moved to Greene County from Pennsylvania in 1831. He brought with him two of his sons and his wife Polly. Looney established a farm in Greene County but died in 1839. He is buried on what used to be his land. On September 1, his grave will be formally dedicated. Greene County Historical Sites Board Member Jackie Warfel describes the grave site.

She says one thing the Looney family is known for in this area is having the oldest century farm in Greene County. Warfel explains how the farm, established by John Looney's son, came to be.

Warfel explains what it takes to be recommended as a century farm.

She says that the Looney's still have numerous descendants in Greene County.

Warfel says that John's other son Jesse moved to Oregon and helped set up the state's first provisional government. He also bought land that is now considered the oldest farm in the northwest with his ancestors still operating it. For KSMU News, I'm Joe Morgan.