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Why were 2 Taser-related deaths in Greene County treated so differently by law enforcement?

A Taser is a weapon used by law enforcement officers that uses electricity to incapacitate a person's muscle control.
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A Taser is a weapon law enforcement officers use to incapacitate or "stun" a person. Tasers use electricity to remove a person's muscle control.

The Springfield Daily Citizen's reporting shines a light on two separate incidents involving Taser-related deaths—and asks why the public and media were only informed of one.

Earlier this year, two men died in Greene County after being tased by law enforcement officers in separate incidents. One of those deaths was shared with the public. The other, however, went by mostly undetected – until a local reporter shared the story a few days ago.

The Springfield Daily Citizen reporter who broke this story is Jackie Rehwald. She spoke to KSMU's Jennifer Moore in the studio about her reporting.

You can click here to read her in-depth article on the Taser-related deaths.

Play the interview by clicking the “Listen” button above.