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Springfield Airport Passes FAA Safety Inspection

Table Top Emergency

Airport first responders sit down with local firefighters, police officers and other emergency responders to consider what would happen if an Airbus A320 plane crashed on the runway, with 167 people on board.
As the first responders react to the different scenarios the hypothetical crash brings, the blue, red, green and black block figures representing planes and rescue vehicles are moved across a table. This is a hands-on way to get practice in extreme situations. Kent Boyd is the spokesman for the airport.
“What would we do as a group? How would we make sure, that we were making sure, everything gets done,” said Boyd.
This classroom-like exercise, done every one to two years, is played out as a table top game like Dungeons and Dragons or Monopoly. It helps local rescue workers learn who would reach the crash scene first, what hospitals to send people to, and how to inform the public.
“I think this is one of the more energetic ones I have seen. I think part of the reason for that is because nationally we have had some reminders of the importance this kind of exercise. The most recent example being the bombing in Boston” said Boyd.
To learn more about safety at Springfield-Branson National Airport Safety, you can visit our website:
For KSMU News, I'm Shannon Bowers.