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A Variety of Winter Weather Impacts the Ozarks

A variety of winter precipitation is already falling on much of the Ozarks. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Shelton: A variety of winter precipitation is already falling on much of the Ozarks. Kelsey Angle is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service at the Springfield-Branson National Airport and he joins me on the phone. Kelsey, give us an update on what we can expect as we move into the evening hours.

Angle: We do expect precipitation to continue to develop across Southeast Kansas and Southwest Missouri. We’ll have a variety of precipitation due to the depth of cold air. We expect freezing rain in southern Missouri while in the Springfield area, we’ll see a mix of precipitation of sleet, some freezing rain and light snow.

Shelton: Will there be just one big round of precipitation or will there be more than 1 round?

Angle: We could see two rounds of winter weather. The first would be tonight and then during the early afternoon hours of Tuesday, we could see another round move through the area through before that ends Tuesday night.

Shelton: Since we are expecting of variety of winter precipitation, just give us an idea of what each of the kinds of precipitation would look like and the hazards associated with each one.

Angle: Freezing rain falls as rain and freezes on contact. That’s what we expect across South Central Missouri. Ice accumulates on trees, power lines and roadways. You’d see power outages and tricky travel. Sleet is different. It falls as rain but freezes on the way down and bounces on surfaces. The better part about sleet is that it cannot accumulate on elevated surfaces like trees and power lines but it can become packed on roadways and is difficult to remove.