Brooks Blevins


This is the story of a mysterious man, a pianist and music teacher by profession, who showed up in the small Northwest Arkansas town of Cincinnati in Washington County in the 1870s. He went by the name of Edwin Dolgoruki—sometimes reported as “G. Dolgoruki,” but usually as Edwin. But to this day no one is sure of who the man was, where he actually came from, or what was his real story.

Michele Skalicky

Welcome back to our Sense of Community series, "Mysteries from the Hollers."

Stories of buried treasure in the Ozarks have intrigued people for decades. 

For our local history series, Sense of Place, we bring you stories about how our past has influenced the culture we live in today. For this installment, KSMU’s Emma Wilson interviews the author of a new book that tells the story of a crime so rife with scandal it shocked the nation at the time, and had lasting repercussions for this region and its image.  We’d like to advise you in advance that this report contains a mention of a brutal crime.

The Young Brothers Massacre

Jan 20, 2012

In our series about local history, Sense of Place, we bring you in-depth stories about our region’s history and how it’s shaped the Ozarks, Missouri, and the nation. KSMU’s Emma Wilson brings us this story about a deadly January afternoon in the depression-era Ozarks and how its impact reached far beyond.

Here at KSMU we work to preserve the history of the Ozarks by providing in-depth stories about historical places and events as part of our Sense of Place series. In the first installment of this two-part series, KSMU’s Emma Wilson explores the tradition of storytelling and the preservation of oral histories in the Ozarks.

At the Ozarks Celebration Festival this year, tucked alongside tents full of homemade crafts and folks playing traditional music, a storytelling stage featured natives of this area sharing tales of their lives growing up in the Ozarks.