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How to Keep the Beach Body on Vacation


Planning for a vacation: You book the flights, car rental, accommodations and excursions in advance. Now, you need to figure out how you’re going to fuel all of that fun. Peek at some local restaurant websites to whet your appetite for some unique cuisine. Though it all sounds delicious, your beach body may be no more if you aren’t careful.

 Natalie Allen, clinical instructor in the biomedical sciences department and the dietician for all Missouri State University athletes, gives quick tips to make smart dietary choices on vacation.

Because you might be out in the sun, or traipsing around a city, you may feel like you’ve earned some more snacks, but Allen says that we don’t burn off as much as we think we do.

It’s not realistic to plan to cook every meal or to avoid every indulgence, so Allen offers quick tips for saving some money and calories to keep you happier with your health.

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