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Community Safety

Springfield Citizens Can Now File Online Police Reports

If you are the victim of a crime in Springfield, you can now file a police report online.  The Springfield Police Department implemented teh new online system at the start of the new year.

Crimes that can be reported online include stealing, forgery, fraud, harassment, identity theft, lsot or found property, vandalism and graffiti.  Supplemental reports, to add information to reporte already on file with SPD, can also be submitted online.

According to the department, you can't file an online report in these circumstances:

  • It's an emergency
  • The crime occurred outside Springfield city limits
  • The crime involves the theft of a gun, license plates or a motor vehicle
  • There's any physical evidence that needs to be collected
  • The incident occurred on a state highway

After a person submits an online police report, they'll receive an e-mail containing a tracking number.  An official police case report number will be assigned and e-mailed after the report has been reviewed and approved.