MSU Prepares For President Trump's Friday Visit to Campus

Sep 20, 2018

An MSU Parking Lot is Closed Ahead of the President's Visit
Credit Michele Skalicky

Several streets are closed on the Missouri State University campus in advance of President Trump's visit to Springfield where he'll speak at JQH Arena:  John Q. Hammons Parkway from Madison to Cherry; Holland from Madison to Cherry; Clay from Cherry to Harrison;  and Bear Blvd., Madison St. and Harrison St. from John Q. Hammons Parkway to Holland.  Three parking lots on the Missouri State campus, 15A, 25 and the Wehr Band Hall lot, are already closed in preparation for the presidential visit Friday.  Others will close Friday morning to make sure the area around JQH Arena is secure.  Trump will be in Springfield to campaign for Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Josh Hawley, who will face Incumbent, Claire McCaskill, a democrat. 

The University is working with the Secret Service to prepare for the president's visit.  David Hall, the university’s emergency manager, urges people to stay away from the area around JQH tomorrow if they don't need to be there.  Non-essential MSU staff will be allowed to leave early, at 3 p.m., in part, to free up parking spaces. 

"With an event and the security that's required for an event such as this, we would want people to understand...they will be--have to walk.  We do not have parking right next door to it.  We do have, those with--for ADA, we do have a parking lot that we've set aside specifically for it, and so, those would come in on Harrison Ave. from  the east," Hall said.

Parking will be available in the Bear Park North parking garage at Holland and Grand and in the Bear Park South parking garage near Cherry and Kimbrough.  Some parking lots are available for parking, too, and you can see where they’re at on a website MSU has set up for those planning to attend the event. 

Hall said anyone driving near campus tomorrow should be alert since there will likely be a lot of people near Missouri State University, "which means they'll be crossing streets such as Grand Ave. as well as on Walnut up to the north, Cherry St.", according to Hall.  "Use caution if you will be driving in the area.  We will have a lot of people, so plan extra time because it will take time in getting through there."

According to Hall, officers from Springfield Police, the Greene County Sheriff's Office and the Missouri Highway Patrol will be directing traffic. 

Keith Boaz, executive director of JQH Arena, offers some advice for those planning to attend the rally.

"The less you can bring the better, as that is with any event, concert-related or an event like this, the less you have on your persons the quicker you'll get through the line and the smoother the process will be," Boaz said.

Concessions will be available inside the venue, but no alcoholic beverages will be allowed.  You will not be able to bring in outside food or beverages, according to Boaz, and no professional cameras or weapons of any kind will be allowed.

Doors will open at 2:10 p.m., and the event will start at 6:30.  Advanced tickets are required and may be requested here.

Peaceful protesting will be allowed in lot 25, just south of Hammons Student Center. 

Click here for information about where to park, shuttle service, road closings, etc. 

MSU president Clif Smart said shortly after the announcement of Trump’s visit that MSU stands "as an example for the community as a place where issues can be openly discussed and explored."