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Democrat's Watch for Election Results

Democrats in Springfield gathered for a watch party Tuesday night.

The gathering took place at the Greene County Democratic Party's headquarters.

KSMU's Erika Brame was there and caught up with the man hoping to challenge an incumbent congressman.

People of all ages crowded into the democratic headquarters for a watch party but there wasn't much *watching* going was mostly *talking*...talking about what will happen in the November election.

One man in a black suit and white hair stood out in the crowd.

It was Richard Monroe.

He's challenging Republican Congressman Roy Blunt.

Monroe recently retired from the U.S Attorney's Office after 20 years.

He says he made the move to politics because of the condition of the U-S government.

"The government has failed the people, our economy is in the tank, we're heading in the wrong direction, we need a change, we need a change at all levels. I'm familiar with federal issues so that's why I decided to take this run."

Monroe grew up in Monett, Missouri and has no previous political experience but he says he knows more than enough to take on Congress.

"I certainly know more about how the federal government runs than most members of congress already, so that's not a problem."

He says his first goals, if elected will be to rewrite the 2001 income tax bill, support a withdrawal from Iraq, and oppose earmarks in funding bills.

For KSMU News I'm Erika Brame.