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Libertarian Party Wants Voters to have More Choices

The chairman of the Greene County Libertarian Party says third parties give voters more choices. KSMU's Christy Hendricks reports. KSMU's Emily Nash contributed to this story.

The Libertarian Party wants to remind voters that they have more than two choices in Tuesday's upcoming election.

Keith Rodgers is the Greene County Libertarian Party Chairman and candidate for the 134th district in Missouri's House of Representatives

He says less government is the change needed for the state.

Rodgers describes himself as an ordinary guy with big ideas.

He says he wants to solve problems without increasing government.

Keith Rodgers says being a member of a third party means not having a large pool of resources.

He says not having speech writers, campaign managers, or big donors helps separate the Libertarian party from Democrats and Republicans.

Rodgers says he hopes whoever is elected on Tuesday will look for solutions that don't involve enlarging the government.

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