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Christian County Library announces spring concert series

The Paper Moons
Christian County Library
The concert series will commence with a performance by The Paper Moons on September 16 in Ozark.

This fall marks the third year of the annual event.

The free, all-ages shows span five Saturdays from mid-September to late October. Each of the library’s four branches will host one concert, except for Ozark, which will have two. The shows will feature Paper Moons, Abbey Waterworth, The Beach Cats, Bishop Mau and One More Dollar Band.

Community engagement director Nicholas Holladay says the booking process was a group effort, focused on artists with a distinct Ozarks feel.

“We’re in the community, we live here, so we know of local artists, but we also take suggestions from the community,” says Holladay. He also notes that "we all know that the library is more than just a home for books. It's also a place to interact with other community members, to learn, and it's a source of entertainment. These outdoor concerts [are] that."

Each show will take place outside of a branch and start at 6 p.m., after the library closes. Attendees should bring their own chairs, blankets, snacks and drinks. You can see a schedule for the concert series at