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Springfield City Council Adopts 2019 Priorities

KSMU Archives

The City of Springfield has approved a resolution adopting its 2019 priorities.  According to the city, those will guide and empower elected officials and staff as they work on the city’s behalf.

The priorities are Quality of Place, Legislative Engagement, Fiscal Sustainability and Accountability, Economic Vitality and Public Safety.

Objectives include investing in quality multi-modal transportation infrastructure and in the beautification of city property, roadways and entranceways; working closely with the Missouri Legislature’s newly-formed Local Government Caucus; reviewing new revenue opportunities and determining the most reasonable means to grow existing revenue sources.  Other objectives are reviewing the provision of alternative forms of energy that are desired by business prospects; enhancing Springfield’s potential as a regional tourism hub for both traditional and sports tourism; increasing crime prevention and public education efforts; and placing an additional emphasis on the diversity of staff.

The 2019 priorities "will provide general guidance for the application of municipal time and resources and support the future betterment of the Springfield community,” said Mayor Ken McClure.