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Federal Money May Help ProtectWatershed

Seven water quality groups from Arkansas and Missouri hope to mount a 3 pronged attack onnutrient overloading in rivers and streams that feed the White River Basin. The groups have applied for a 1 million dollar federal grant to help put their plan into practice. Mike Smith has the story:

even water quality groups from Arkansas and Missouri have applied for a one million dollar Federal grant in hopes of mounting a three pronged attack on nutrient overloading in rivers and streams that feed the White River Basin which covers more that 3000 square miles in the two states. The White River Basin includes Beaver Lake, Table Rock and Bull Shoals Lakes, and Lake Taneycomo. 300 miles of river is also included. 3 of the groups are based in Arkansas, 4 in Missouri.

The grant application is part of a new program that Environmental Protection Agency officials hope to get money for in 2003.

Floyd Gilzow is the Executive Director of the Upper White River Foundation. He says the seven groups have been studying what is conceded to be the major loads of pollutants going into the upper White River. He also says, while much of the focus on reducing phosphorus dumped into the regions streams is targeting industry and area utilities, residents much also change their habits by changing the products they use everyday when they wash dishes or work in their gardens and yards.

The grant application has been endorsed by Congressman Roy Blunt, Missouri Governor Holden, and Arkansas Governor Huckabee.