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Energy Conservation Specialist Provides Tips to Stay Cool and Save Energy

Temperatures in Springfield today reached into the mid and upper nineties. Though one might have the urge to turn down the thermostat, constantly running the air conditioning may not get you any cooler and waste energy in the process. KSMU's Brett Moser reports

With the sweltering heat of a Springfield summer in full force, staying cool while still conserving energy might seem impossible.

But Springfield City Utilities Director of Energy Management and Conservation, Cara Schaefer, says there are a few simple tips that make it feasible.

Schaefer says fans are also beneficial because they don't use a lot of energy.

Adding additional heat by using appliances like ovens during the hottest parts of the day can waste energy and keep you from feeling cool. Schaefer advises limiting usage of heat producing appliances and using microwaves or toasters instead.

And what about coming home to a cool house after a long day at work?

Schaefer adds that saving energy might be a click of the thermostat away.

Schaefer also says that for each degree you move up, you can expect about another 3% savings.

I'm Brett Moser for KSMU News.