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Renee Hulshof Tours local Food Bank

Renee Hulshof was in southwest Missouri today for a series of events, including a stop by the Ozarks Food Harvest. KSMU's Megan Keathley has more.

Renee Hulshof, wife of Missouri Congressman Kenny Hulshof, visited Springfield today. I caught up with her during her tour of the Ozarks Food Bank warehouse, where Mrs. Hulshof spoke about why feeding the hungry is important to her.

During her tour of the facilities, Hulshof spoke with Food Harvest managers about the people the food bank serves, as well as its numerous outreach programs in southwest Missouri. Hulshof said that, even though the different regions of Missouri require different approaches to dealing with feeding the hungry, at the end of the day, hunger is hunger. Mrs. Hulshof will be touring farms in southeast Missouri this weekend.