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High School Hosts Darfur Vigil

One high school in Everton, Missouri, is raising awareness and money for the Darfur Sudan genocide. Everton is about 25 miles northwest of Springfield. KSMU's Emily Nash has more.

The students of Everton High School are taking a stand to help an international crisis.

On Thursday afternoon, the Everton Student Council will hold a 24 hour vigil in support of the victims in Darfur.

Danny Giddings is the Student Body President of Everton High School and says for 24 hours, shifts of students will remember those who have been impacted by the situation in Darfur.

Giddings says, half of the money raised during the vigil will go to the Save Darfur advocacy programs and half to humanitarian aid in the Darfur region.

Giddings says it can be hard to raise awareness in Southwest Missouri, about an international situation that takes place so far away.

Giddings says those people who are aware of the situation in Darfur should make it a priority to educate those who aren't.

The Everton Student Council's goal is to make 500 dollars, but group members say they are expecting to raise a lot more during the 24 hours.

More information about the Darfur effort can be found by calling 535-2221.