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Public Affairs Week

This is Public Affairs Week at Missouri State University. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

This is Public Affairs Week at Missouri State University.

The student-driven event features speakers, public service opportunities and community activities.

Andrew Garton is chairman of Public Affairs Week.

He says today's (Tuesday) main event is Culturefest on the north mall, which begins at noon and wraps at 4.

Also today, there's a showing of the documentary Darfur Diaries. That begins this evening at 7 in the Plaster Student Union. One of the film's directors will be at the screening and will give a brief introduction.

Garton says the purpose of Public Affairs Week is to get students involved and to take to heart the university's public affairs mission. The theme is "Get Engaged."

He says student often deserve the reputation they have for being dis-engaged.

Garton says the featured address of Public Affairs Week is Wednesday at 7P-M in Plaster Student Union.

Public Affairs Week will wrap up Thursday with the Community Carnival. Information on Public Affairs Week is online at