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Reaction to Corporate Responsibility Speech

Norm Babcock is a retired auto brake technician living in Springfield'he's invested in the stock market from time to time. He says he liked what he heard in the president's speech.

The President called for longer prison terms for corporate criminals and more accountability from top executives. Those proposals for tougher penalties are reassuring, according to Robert Larmer, a retired pharmaceutical salesman.

Much of his retirement money is tied up in the stock market. He says he's pleased the president decided to make a speech and address the issue head-on.

It wasn't just investors who tuned in to hear what the president had to say to Wall Street. Brad Mc-Williams is an investment representative with Edward Jones in Springfield. He listened to the president's speech and says it will give a much-needed boost to investors.

The president used the words honesty, integrity, and ethics repeatedly in his speech.

Norm Babcock says even though he's glad to hear the president call for honest dealings, he says the days of trust are long gone.

Now that the president has unveiled his initiatives aimed at restoring investor confidence, it's up to congress to approve or reject the proposals.