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This week on Making Democracy Work, Leslie Carrier speaks with Commissioner Kevin Austin, who oversees the Greene County Veteran’s treatment court program.

Today’s discussion explores characteristics, goals and outcomes of the Greene County veterans program which has been in operation for two years.   

Springfield will soon have nowhere to house those arrested on municipal charges but who haven’t yet been sentenced.

The city has been housing up to 40 municipal prisoners a day at the Vernon County Jail, but that county’s sheriff decided he wanted to cancel an agreement that went into effect two years ago.

Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams told Springfield City Council this week they renegotiated the agreement, and they’ll be able to send up to 10 sentenced prisoners a day to Vernon County as of November 1 at a cost of $45 each per day.

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Springfield City Council has voted to appoint a hearing examiner, Kenneth Thompson, to look into allegations of ethics violations by councilwoman and mayor pro tem, Jan Fisk.

Fisk requested the appointment and said she hopes “it will resolve any remaining issue.”

The complaint by Linda Simkins said Fisk Limousines, owned by Fisk and her husband, was the low bidder for two city contracts after Fisk was elected.  And it states that Fisk Limos is involved with charter bus services for the city.

Springfield City Council will consider the appointment of a hearing examiner after a citizen filed an ethics complaint against councilwoman, Jan Fisk.

The city’s legal department recused itself from the investigation, and City Council hired outside counsel, St. Louis attorney, Kevin O’Keefe.  After studying the matter, O’Keefe said he does not “believe the matters asserted in the July 2 and August 5 complaints rise to the level necessary to support referral to a hearing examiner.”

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What do you want Springfield to look like in 20 years?   Forward SGF, the official name for the next comprehensive city plan for Springfield, is underway.

This long-range, community-wide plan will help City Council chart out improvements for Springfield for the next two decades. So, leaders are seeking community feedback.

Randall Whitman, the principal planner for the city’s planning and development department, said that this plan acts as a roadmap for the city.