Health news and issues in the Ozarks.

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The Center for Addictions at Cox is the first treatment center in Missouri to become part of the Hazeldon Betty Ford Patient Care Network.

The center’s director, Tressa Moyle, said those in the network can utilize each other for clinical resources, information, education and clinical referrals.  For instance, Hazeldon Betty Ford has five residential treatment facilities across the country.  Patients who need more care than an outpatient facility offers, can be referred to them.

All Center for Addictions patients will benefit from the partnership, according to Moyle.

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Donors along with Cox College employees and students took turns swinging a sledge hammer at a wall Monday to begin an estimated 18-month project to completely renovate the school at Cox North.

"Today is Demo Day.  This is the day the construction begins," Lisa Alexander, president of the CoxHealth Foundation, told the crowd gathered on the college's third floor.

She said the project was "100 precent funded through philanthropy."

Children's Miracle Network

Children's Miracle Network raised $2,317,026 in 2018 and set a record for the fourth year in a row.  Last year’s total was 20 percent higher than in 2017.

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Injuries and illness happen around the clock, but starting next week, The Turner Center clinic at CoxHealth will offer 24-hour urgent care for both kids and adults.

Kaitlyn McConnell is a spokeswoman for CoxHealth.

“This is a new thing we’re doing. It’s actually a new thing for the whole region—we don’t know of anyone else in the vicinity who’s doing something like this,” McConnell said.

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A common resolution as a new year begins is to quit smoking.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, seven out of 10 tobacco users say they want to quit.  But doing away with cigarettes can be difficult. 

Jim Brawner, community educator at CoxHealth and a nationally certified tobacco treatment specialist, said nicotine is addictive, and many smokers (nearly 90 percent) have been using cigarettes since before the age of 18.