Megan Burke / KSMU

The Greene County Clerk, Shane Schoeller, is reminding residents that although the date for the general municipal elections changed to June 2, the deadline for voters to register for the August Statewide Primary election remains the same.

The deadline to register to vote in the August primary election is July 8.  Registering and updating your information can be done on the Greene County Clerk’s website. You can also print the form off and mail it in to the clerk’s office.

Megan Burke / KSMU

Local officials are expecting voters to show up Tuesday in higher numbers than average for midterm elections. Greene County clerk Shane Schoeller says the area is expressing a “healthy interest” in the election.

“It appears – if the voter turnout on the day of the election reflects what we’re seeing in absentee members – we could have between a 55 to 60 percent turnout from voters here in Greene County,” Schoeller said.

Megan Burke / KSMU

Four cities named Springfield – including ours here in Missouri—are using friendly competition to educate young citizens about the importance of their votes. 

The “Springfield Votes!” campaign is a way to increase voter turnout among 18-to 34-year-olds – which is often the least active demographic of voters in U.S. midterm elections.

The League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri said in a press release that the contest is between Springfield, Missouri and the Springfield cities in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Oregon.