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City of Springfield

Springfield City Council is considering striking city ordinance that deals with aggressive panhandling.  At a meeting Monday, members discussed the alternatives to the ordinance.

City attorney Dan Wichmer said there are other measures in place to deal with people asking for money who pose a threat.

Fulnecky for Springfield

Springfield City Councilwoman Kristi Fulnecky plans to run for Springfield mayor  in 2017.  In what she calls "A Contract with Springfield," Fulnecky outlines things she would focus on.  The contract reads:

1.) Support police officers and the police department.  This will in turn, decrease crime and help retain trained and experienced police personnel.

2.) Support firefighters and the fire department, and focus on public safety.

City of Springfield

One day after submitting his letter of resignation from Springfield City Council, Justin Burnett decided to stay.  KSMU Michele Skalicky has more.

The Zone 2 councilman rescinded his resignation Friday after reconsidering based on reactions from constituents.  City attorney, Dan Wichmer, said the resignation could be rescinded prior to the effective date, which in this case would have been 11:59 Friday night.

Justin Burnett

Less than a day after announcing he will step down from Springfield City Council, Justin Burnett has rescinded his resignation.

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It’s now illegal to tether a dog in the City of Springfield for long periods of time.  City Council members unanimously passed an amendment last night to Springfield city code on the recommendation of the Animal Issues Task Force.

The task force says fixed-point tethering of dogs can lead to animal aggression and can threaten the health and safety of the animals.

City of Springfield

The five Springfield City Council members who sent a letter to Mayor Bob Stephens Friday asking for an independent hearing into whether or not councilwoman Kristi Fulnecky is eligible to serve have released a statement.

Mayor Pro Tem Ken McClure, councilwoman Phyllis Ferguson, councilman Craig Fishel, councilwoman Jan Fisk and councilman Mike Schilling say they took action “as soon as we became aware of the matter.  We were concerned by the fact that this problem has been ongoing for approximately seven years.”

A Primer on Springfield's Hotel-Motel Tax Allocations

Oct 14, 2015
Nataleigh Ross / KSMU

Springfield’s City Council last month approved $142,500 in total allocations to both the Springfield History Museum on the Square and Discovery Center. It is the third year that funds have been distributed using hotel- motel tax collections originally designated for another program.

Leslie Forrester is the executive director of the Springfield Regional Arts Council. She chairs the Hotel-Motel Tax Reallocation Committee.

City of Springfield

Springfield will see more officers on the city’s streets.  Springfield City Council has given its approval to a bill accepting a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.  The COPS Hiring Program Grant will provide 75 percent of the funding and benefits for 11 full-time officers for three years, according to Springfield police chief, Paul Williams.  The city must match 25 percent.

He said the grant will eventually bring the total of officers in the city up to 352.

Changes to Springfield’s vicious dog ordinance have been approved by Springfield City Council.  Members voted unanimously Monday night for the changes.

Dogs deemed a nuisance must now be micro-chipped, have up-to-date rabies vaccinations, be spayed or neutered and be registered with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department at a cost of $50 per year.


A bill amending Springfield's Indecent Exposure Ordinance has been approved by City Council.  It requires more complete coverage of women's breasts and also calls for more coverage of both men's and women's buttocks.  The stricter ordinance was presented after a recent rally in which topless participants protested what they said were unequal existing laws.

Councilman Craig Fishel says equality can never be attained anyway.

Cora Scott / City of Springfield

A retired Springfield police officer who was seriously injured on the job was greeted with thunderous applause and multiple standing ovations Monday.

Aaron Pearson was honored for three-years of service and commended for his recovery following the events of late January, where he sustained career ending injuries while investigating suspicious activity.

Council member Justin Burnett described Officer Pearson’s recovery as miraculous and an example of “divine intervention” and “skilled medical care”. 


Several Springfield citizens told City Council last night why they support or oppose proposed changes to the city’s indecent exposure ordinance.

The changes, proposed by councilman Justin Burnett would expand the area of the breast that women can’t show in public. The current ordinance requires women to cover their nipples and areolas in public.  Burnett is requesting stricter language that requires women to cover their breasts from the top of the areola down.

City of Springfield

A bill, sponsored by Springfield City Councilman Justin Burnett, would change the city’s indecent exposure ordinance. It will go before council for a first reading tonight, and citizens will have the chance to comment on it. In response to the “Free the Nipple” rallies recently on Park Central Square, Burnett proposes expanding the area of the breast that women can’t show in public.


A bill expected to be decided by Springfield City Council tonight addresses nuisance properties in the city.

On May 26th, council took the first step in dealing with nuisance properties by unanimously passing an ordinance to create a series of penalties for property owners who continue to fail to maintain their property.  It also clarified changes concerning special tax bills and additions to real estate tax bills and codified due-process-of-law provisions for enforcement actions.

City of Springfield

Springfield City Council has tabled the resolution allowing the motto “In God We Trust” to be displayed in Council Chambers at City Hall or in a prominent location above the city seal.  Council member Justin Burnett sponsored the resolution. He was against the motion to table it.

"I think it would be disrespectable to the audience that we have that's come out to speak to us to table it at this point.  We have a lot of people that have come out just to speak to this agenda item--those for and those against, and I would like to hear the comments from them," he said.