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A little less than a year and a half from now, a person in a mental health crisis will have to remember only three numbers to get help:  988.

The 988 number will eventually replace 800-273-TALK, the current Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

And Ozark Center in Joplin, part of Freeman Health System, is one organization that’s received the 988 state planning grant.  The money comes from Vibrant Emotional Health, the nonprofit administrator of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 

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People in the Joplin area who are struggling with their mental health will soon have an immediate place to go for help besides the emergency room.

Ozark Center Urgent Behavioral Solutions, or UBS, opens Thursday, October 1, at 3230 Wisconsin Ave., Suite A, in Joplin.  It’s an urgent care for those with behavioral health issues.

Ozark Center’s chief administrative officer, Vicky Mieseler, said it’s designed to keep those with mental health issues out of the emergency room.  And it gives them a place geared toward them.

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In the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting, follow up reports have become commonplace on national and local media. Children may be exposed to none or many of these stories, depending on their access to media and conversations. 

Vicky Mieseler, vice president of Clinical Services for the Ozark Center, has spent the past five years working with children and parents that experienced the Joplin tornado. She says the first step for parents when talking to their children about national or local tragedies is to engage them directly.