Opioid Education

This week on Making Democracy Work, host Lisa Langley speaks with Chris Davis, vice president of prevention and youth support with Community Partnership of the Ozarks.

Today’s discussion looks at opioid misuse and prevention support for youth and adults.


On this edition of Making a Difference; Normalizing Mental Health Conversations, we meet Kendall Swanson, a Springfield Glendale High School graduate, who at 16, was prescribed opiates after a trip to the dentist.  By age 18, she was addicted to the drugs.

Charles Williams / Flickr

Anyone who goes in for surgery at CoxHealth will get some extra education about pain management and how to dispose of unused pain medication, including opioids. 

According to Joel Daniel, system medication safety pharmacist at CoxHealth, opioid medications are an effective and appropriate way to manage pain but only if used as directed.

"We want to make sure that medications are taken as prescribed and only for as long as we need," Daniel said.