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The job search has certainly changed over the past couple of decades. What once was a success tactic may now be seen as out of step and disqualifying. Vickie Hicks, corporate relations specialist for the College of Business at Missouri State University, says the College of Business is proud of its reputation and the quality of students they produce. To make them more market ready, Hicks says they require all students to attend a workshop before attending the business career fair, which she has grown from 130 to 180 employers during her tenure.

When an athlete is training in season, the regime is rigorous. It slows down considerably in off-season, though many athletes maintain frequent workouts. INatalie Allen, a clinical instructor in the biomedical sciences department and the dietician for all Missouri State University athletes, shares some tips for keeping your body in shape even in the off-season.

In season, an athlete burns many calories a day and has to hydrate constantly to not get depleted. One quick way to reduce calories during the off-season, though, is to evaluate your drinks, noted Allen.

As a young child, Dr. Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk learned about politics handing out fliers for family members running for office or joining her father at political rallies.

Now an associate professor of socio-political communication at Missouri State University, she teaches about political messages, commentary, debates and so much more. She’s here to discuss the shifts in the political communication process and how to be civil even while disagreeing.

Planning for a vacation: You book the flights, car rental, accommodations and excursions in advance. Now, you need to figure out how you’re going to fuel all of that fun. Peek at some local restaurant websites to whet your appetite for some unique cuisine. Though it all sounds delicious, your beach body may be no more if you aren’t careful.

 Natalie Allen, clinical instructor in the biomedical sciences department and the dietician for all Missouri State University athletes, gives quick tips to make smart dietary choices on vacation.

When you read historical text, such as the Bible, you can get glimpses at the cultures of the time periods. You can infer how they lived and what it took to survive in rather harsh environments.

Dr. Victor Matthews, dean of the College of Humanities and Public Affairs at Missouri State University, has been a Biblical scholar for approximately 40 years and shares about his research and latest book, "The Cultural World of the Bible: An Illustrated Guide to Manners and Customs." It is one of 17 books he has authored, and he has published numerous articles on the subject as well.