jennifer murvin

Michele Skalicky

Just west of National on the south side of Walnut sits a quaint, multi-story house that’s been there since 1905.  After serving as a home to families over the decades, it now caters to book lovers as Pagination Bookshop

The business, which opened in April, is owned by Jennifer Murvin and her fiancée, Kory Cooper. 

The two love books--Murvin said she was surrounded by them growing up.  During a trip to see a favorite author in St. Louis last year, they visited several bookstores.

Graphic novels. They're just a fancy name for long-form comics. But when you think about one, you may picture the bulging muscles of Marvel's superheroes. But my guests say not to judge comics by this preconceived imagery.

Cole Closser and Jennifer Murvin teach a course at Missouri State University on creating comics and are paving the road to an interdisciplinary program that is largely unheard of at the undergraduate level. Murvin and Closser share about what keeps them intrigued in this medium.