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Springfield voters will head back to the ballot box on April 2, 2019 for municipal elections.

The Neighborhood Advisory Council is hosting two forums where voters can pose questions to candidates for City Council.

The two forums featuring City Council candidates are:

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This is Marideth Sisco for These Ozarks Hills.  As Autumn graces us with one last splash of splendor this week before the rains finish stripping the trees of their showy palette, it offers a parallel skill of sweeping our minds clear of our troubles for a moment, offering one last grace note of honest-to-goodness goodness to our thoughts. 

Missouri State University

US Senator Claire McCaskill visited students at Missouri State University Tuesday to conduct a student forum as part of her campaign for reelection.    

Standing just off the stage, McCaskill encouraged the college students to become energetic and engaged voters during the forum.

She told the audience that she needs their votes, and the country needs them to care about its future.