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The Greene County Clerk, Shane Schoeller, is reminding residents that although the date for the general municipal elections changed to June 2, the deadline for voters to register for the August Statewide Primary election remains the same.

The deadline to register to vote in the August primary election is July 8.  Registering and updating your information can be done on the Greene County Clerk’s website. You can also print the form off and mail it in to the clerk’s office.

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Missouri voters will not be required to sign a sworn statement if they don’t have a photo ID on November 6—that’s after a Cole County judge struck down part of the law on voter ID Tuesday.

A photo ID law was implemented in Missouri in June 2017. It said that voters who did not present a proper photo ID at the polls had to either present a provisional ballet or sign a sworn statement saying that they did not have a photo ID.


Lisa Langley talks with Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller about preparations for the April 7 election.

Shane Schoeller says his office is ready for Tuesday's election.  Something new this election:  the Greene County Clerk's Office has added a Twitter account (@greenecovotes) and a Facebook page.  And he says they've hired an elections coordinator. 


Three candidates for Springfield City Council have been certified by the city clerk’s office.  Buckley “Buck” Van Hooser will run for Springfield City Council Zone 2, Bob Stephens will run again for mayor and Kristi Fulnecky will try for General Seat C.

Filing for five open city council seats began Tuesday.

Council seats on the April ballot are:  mayor (Bob Stephens), General Seat C (Doug Burlison), General Seat D (Mike Carroll), Zone 2 (Cindy Rushefsky) and Zone 3 (Jerry Compton).

City clerk, Brenda Cirtin, says council elections are held every other year.