Dr. Telory Arendell

 In describing the work of German choreographer Pina Bausch, you might hear many terms – like performance art, wild or unresolved. But Telory Arendell, associate professor in the department of theatre and dance at Missouri State University, just calls it inspiring.

She is here to open our eyes to understand these art forms that don’t fit into traditional boxes of theatre or dance. Pina Bausch’s work was in that space between, in what she called dance theatre.

When you have a disability, some things are more challenging. In this same mindset, when performers are told to limit their movements or to restrict themselves in some way, they could become frustrated. But to Telory Arendell, associate professor in the department of theatre and dance at Missouri State, she considers it freeing to not be confined by the norms and expectations.

(photo courtesy Missouri State University Department of Theater and Dance)

The Missouri State University Theater 515 class, "Theater for Social Change," explores new theater that addresses social issues in the community in partnership with various non-profit organizations.  Their final project of the fall semester will be Mosaic, a series of theatrical vignettes dealing with such social issues as autism, mental health, AIDS, and speech disorders--all of which are relevant to the Springfield area, according to the class's instructor, Dr. Telory Arendell, Assistant Professor of Theater and Dance.

(Poster design courtesy MSU Theatre and Dance)

Le Wilhelm who died at age 67 in Long Island, New York in 2013, was a native of Galena, Missouri who received Masters degrees in Theatre from Missouri State University and the University of Florida.  After moving to New York City, Wilhelm enjoyed a 30-year career as a playwright and director, publishing 25 one-act plays.  But it's the unpublished works of Le Wilhelm that garner a lot of attention from area theater companies.  Missouri State University Assistant Professor Dr.