Dr. Stephen Berkwitz

A group of ladies meditating outdoors.
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While some stress is good for you, too much of it for too long will harm your physical, mental and emotional health.

There are several helpful ways to relieve stress, such as yoga and meditation. 

Dr. Stephen Berkwitz is the department head of religious studies at Missouri State University, with expertise in South Asian religions and culture. He offers some insights about yoga and meditation, as well as tips and advice for practicing them.

The Department of Religious Studies at Missouri State University turns 50 this year.

Created in 1969, the department is the oldest and largest department of its kind in a public university in Missouri. It offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. 

Dr. Stephen Berkwitz, professor and department head of religious studies at MSU, highlights the department, its achievements over the years and plans for its 50th anniversary celebration.

MSU Religious Studies Department
Lindsey Argo / KSMU

An 18-month term grant is enabling Missouri State University to develop course offerings focused on religion and health.

Funding is being provided by the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion. The idea of adding courses focused on religion and health came about since many students minoring in Religious Studies at MSU are majoring in health-related fields.

“So that got me to think, so what is it about our courses that are appealing to students in Health and Human Services?” asked Berkwitz.