Dr. Dan Ponder

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With the General Election only a few weeks away, Making Democracy Work continues to focus on voter education and information.

This week, host HuePing Chin speaks with Dan Ponder, L.E. Meador Professor of Political Science and Director of the Meador Center for Politics and Citizenship at Drury University. 

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This week on Making Democracy Work, host Hue-Ping Chin speaks with Dr. Dan Ponder, director of the L.E. Meador Center for Politics and Citizenship at Drury University.

Today’s discussion explores the upcoming speaker series focused on the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment. This series kicks off this week with national author Elaine Weiss.

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A day after Republican Donald Trump pulled off an unexpected win against Democrat Hillary Clinton to become the United States' president-elect, KSMU talked with a political science professor at Drury University for answers to why the election turned out the way it did.

Dan Ponder says this election is reminiscent of the 2000 Presidential Election, when Al Gore received the popular vote, but Bush won the presidency. So far, Senator Hillary Clinton has the popular vote, but Donald Trump has won the presidency.

Saying a key provision of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional, the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down Section 4, which establishes a coverage formula to identify states that may require extra scrutiny regarding voting procedures. As KSMU’s Scott Harvey reports, the decision essentially shifts the focus back onto Congress to find a solution.