Dickerson Park Zoo

Dickerson Park Zoo

A black and white colobus monkey was born Thursday at Dickerson Park Zoo to first time mother, Raksha.  Both mom and baby are doing well, according to Zoo spokesperson Joey Powell.  The sex of the new baby is not yet known.

They’re on exhibit, but the mom has access to the indoor area and may remain out of sight.  Powell said the baby is so cute it’s worth it to be patient and try to catch a glimpse of it. 

Black and white colobus monkeys are actually born with white fur.  They’re native to central and east Africa,

Dickerson Park Zoo

Dickerson Park Zoo welcomed a new baby on Thursday.  Mili the giraffe had a baby boy, and both are on exhibit but in a separate yard from the rest of the herd and the giraffe observation deck.

Zoo officials say it’s the first baby for five-year-old Mili, who was hand-reared, and the second for the father, Grady.

The unnamed male giraffe is 4 ½ to 5 feet tall, which is small compared to his half-sister, Clemantine, who was around 6 feet tall at birth.

Dickerson Park Zoo

There’s a new baby at Dickerson Park Zoo.  A black and white colobus monkey was born Wednesday.  The exhibit is open to the public, but zoo officials say the mom will likely choose to stay out of site in the indoor area.

According to the zoo, Colobus monkeys are born with their eyes open and weigh approximately one pound.

Both the mother and baby are doing well.  The gender has yet to be determined.  

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Dickerson Park Zoo will honor veterans tomorrow (11/11) by offering free admission for any service members and veterans and their families.  The zoo will also host “Celebrate Henry” Sunday (11/12) at 2 to honor the life of Henry the Hippo who died this month. 

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Henry the Hippo, who called Springfield's Dickerson Park Zoo home for 34 years, but who was moved last year to a new hippo exhibit, Hippo Cove, at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens has died.