Election Cyber Security

Nov 5, 2018
Courtesy of Drury University

This week on Making Democracy Work, host Debbie Good speaks Shannon McMurtrey, Ph.D., associate professor of information management systems at Drury University. Today’s discussion focuses on election  cyber security related to social media, the spreading of disinformation, and how Missouri compares with other states to keep elections secure.

Christian Ditaputratama / via Flickr

Online buying, account profiles, and company databases keep a constant flow of personal information on the internet. KSMU’s Anna Thomas reports how users can increase their cybersecurity.

In August, a Russian hacker group stole over 1.2 billion passwords, including those of major U.S companies.

“That’s one fifth of the planet. Their passwords were stolen. I don’t know that there’s that many more people on the internet.”

Dwight Worker is the new professor of cybersecurity at Missouri State University.