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Despite a harsh year for the film production industry, a local non-profit production company is reporting it’s coming out of 2020 with multiple projects in every stage of development. 

Springfield-based Carbon Trace Productions has several projects underway, from a film following Vietnam War veterans revisiting an old battleground to a collection of interviews with students and teachers during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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A Springfield-based documentary production team, Carbon Trace Productions, premiered its latest film in New York City earlier this week.  The film, “Witness at Tornillo," follows one activist, Josh Rubin, who took a stand against US immigration policy by protesting outside a detention facility for migrant children in rural, west Texas.   KSMU's Jennifer Moore spoke with the founder of Carbon Trace, Dr. Andy Cline. Below is their interview.

“Three of us went to Texas in June of 2018, really to just kind of observe and be part of the protests,” Cline said.