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Programming That Sticks With You

Theresa Bettmann
Paul Rollison with his Harmon Kardon receiver that he's had since the 1980s.

Meet Paul and Debbie Rollison, both longtime KSMU listeners. We counted seven mugs and pint glasses containing the KSMU label – new and old versions – on a recent visit to their Springfield home.

It’s there that Paul introduced us to his “Old Harman Kardon receiver that I bought in the early eighties.”

Paul and Debbie Rollison
Credit Theresa Bettmann / KSMU
Paul and Debbie Rollison at their Springfield home.

Paul, a native of Great Britain, lived in Champaign, Illinois before moving to Springfield in 1987. He brought the audio receiver with him, and soon after the Harmon Kardon was introduced to KSMU’s FM frequency.

“I found out where 91.1 and I stuck there and it has been on there ever since,” he said. “I think if we move it, it might break or something.”  

His wife, Debbie, listens to KSMU from several places, including the kitchen and living room. And like her husband, the knob in her car is stuck in one place.

“My children thought there was only one radio station that the car can go on,” she says.

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