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Local Volunteer Organizations Come Together To Help Texas

Texas Flood
Aka Hige

Springfield-based Convoy of Hope and the Red Cross of southern Missouri have sent help to flood-ravaged areas of Texas.  

Recently, the Lone Star state has endured a significant amount of rain that has caused major flooding in areas such as Houston and Harris County, and forecasters predict that more rain is still to come.

“It’s typical of flooding, what we are seeing down there but unfortunately, for the people living through it, there isn’t anything typical about it. For them, it’s a whole new big experience and not a very good one,” National spokesperson for Convoy of Hope, Jeff Nene, states.

The flooding has claimed hundreds of homes, killed seven people, and has caused approximately $5 billion in damages so far.

According to Nene, Convoy of Hope has sent one tractor trailer load of cleaning supplies and plans to send volunteer teams out in the next day or so.

The local Red Cross chapter is also providing help for those in distress.

“We’ve sent 19 volunteers from across southern Missouri to help other red cross volunteers and staff on the ground in Texas,” Executive director of the Red Cross of southern Missouri, Stacy Burks states.

Hundreds of billions of gallons of rain has consumed Houston, and volunteers have to wait until the waters recede in order to access flood-damaged areas.

“And what’s happening is the flood waters are still up, we’ve not been able to get into most of the homes that have been flooded yet,” Nene states.

According to Nene, Convoy of Hope will be working closely with  local volunteers in Texas as well as national organizations like Samaritan’s Purse.

Burks states that the Red Cross will be coordinating with other Red Cross volunteers across the country and other organizations such as the Salvation Army and the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief fund.

Burks adds that people can help those in Texas as well as other people who need assistance by calling1-800-REDCROSS or visiting their website.

Convoy of Hope will also have updated information of the progress in Texas on its website.