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Friday Night Clinics Offer an Alternative for Athletes Injured in Friday Night Sports

The upcoming school year brings a new season of Friday night sporting events for many students in the area. With this in mind, CoxHealth and Ferrell-Duncan Clinic will be opening Friday Night Clinics for athletes who are injured playing sports this fall. KSMU’s Rebekah Clark reports on how injured athletes…and their parents…can use the clinic’s services to relieve some pain.


Beginning Friday, August 19th at 9 p.m., the clinics will offer an alternative for athletes injured in Friday night games by allowing them to bypass the crowded emergency room. Stacy Fender, spokesperson for CoxHealth, says the clinics started a few years back by local physicians.


“Basically, it offers great peace of mind and a great service to those athletes who have games on Friday night, and they get injured, don’t really need to go to the emergency room, but also don’t want to wait until Monday to see a doctor. It’s a really great alternative for them.”


I asked her what type of injury that would be.


“An athlete injures his ACL in the knee, that’s something that really doesn’t need emergent care, but does need to be seen and taken care of and can cause some pain and they don’t want to wait until Monday to see a doctor. Now they can access a physician on Friday night after that game or after the injury occurs.”


One important thing to point out is that these clinics are not open to the public. Coaches and athletic trainers are responsible for sending the injured athlete to the clinic.


“It’s best that patients are referred to the clinic by their coach or their trainer or physician—someone that was at the game and sort of evaluated the injury. We do ask that, and we ask that you call 269-7778 and that’s how they can access the clinic.”


The clinic houses a full team of doctors, including an orthopedic surgeon, a nurse, a certified athletic trainer, a radiology tech and clerical staff. Minor radiology exams are also available on-site to assist the doctor with patient evaluation.


Again, the number to call to refer an athlete is 269-7778. Also, at the end of the season, the clinic will be open on some Thursday nights due to playoff games. For more information about Friday Night Clinics, visit for a link to their website.


For KSMU News, I’m Rebekah Clark                 


Click here for link to Friday Night Clinics.