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Coming of age and being gay in the rural Ozarks

Jordan Schreiber and Casey Daugherty
Jordan Schreiber and Casey Daugherty

Jordan Schreiber talks with Casey Daugherty about what the former teacher's support meant to her as she struggled to come to terms with her sexuality.

Jordan Schreiber struggled to figure out who she was while growing up in a small town in the rural Ozarks.

As she began to accept that she was gay, she found solace in a high school teacher's classroom.

"You let me just be. You let me be with you," said Schreiber to Casey Daugherty. "I never felt judgment, and I knew you were different."

Jordan Schreiber is now college director of admissions at Ozarks Technical Community College, and she and Casey Daugherty remain friends.

Schreiber and Daugherty share their story about the huge impact a teacher can have on a student.