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March is National Reading Month. How has technology impacted reading?

A person wearing a grey and black hoodie looking at a bookshelf filled with books.

Missouri State expert Derek Moser talks reading trends.

Our weekly program, Missouri State Journal, is a collaboration between KSMU Radio and Missouri State University. It's hosted and produced by MSU's Office of Strategic Communication, and it airs each Tuesday morning at 9:45 on KSMU.

National Reading Month is a time for readers of all kinds to celebrate literature and its evolution over the centuries.

Derek Moser, director of resource management and discovery of Meyer Library at Missouri State University, offers insight into reading trends and how technology has impacted the reading community.

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Adair Seifert has worked at Missouri State University since 2022. She’s currently the content strategist in the Office of Strategic Communication. She is a content creator and social media manager and has a BS in communication studies from Evangel University.