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How the Dead in Ancient Egypt Became Gods

Emily Yeap
Missouri State University
Dr. Julia Troche, MSU assistant professor of history, with her new book.

MSU professor publishes new book.

Dr. Julia Troche is an Egyptologist who delves into the realm of ancient Egypt and Assyria.

One of her main research areas examines the intersection of religion and society in the ancient world. It involves thinking about how religious and social practices, norms and ideology confronted each other or worked together.

Last December, Troche who’s an assistant professor of history at Missouri State University, published her first book. It’s titled, “Death, Power, and Apotheosis in Ancient Egypt: The Old and Middle Kingdoms.” The time period of these kingdoms is about 2,700-1,700 BC. Troche discusses her book.

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A native of Malaysia, Emily moved to Springfield in 2010 and started working at Missouri State University in 2014. She’s currently the public relations specialist in the office of strategic communication. She has a BA in Mass Communications from Colorado State University-Pueblo and a Master of Journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.
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