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KVC and Great Circle have joined forces in an effort to increase support for improving youth mental health

KVC Missouri Springfield team members
Courtesy of KVC Missouri
KVC Missouri Springfield team members

Our weekly program, Making Democracy Work, is a collaboration between KSMU Radio and the League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri. It's hosted and produced by volunteers from the LWV, and it airs each Monday morning at 9:45 on KSMU. 

In this episode of our local program Making Democracy Work, host Erika Brame speaks with Holly Hunt, director of community-based services with KVC Missouri.

Great Circle and KVC integrated in April of this year, and Hunt talks about the many mental health services for children along with support for families. She says this includes intensive in-home services, crisis shelter, a 24-hour crisis line and various short and long-term care options.

24 hour crisis line for SW Missouri: 417-861-4244

Statewide crisis line: 844-424-3577