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Astro Brief: Goldilocks Planets

NASA, ESA and Z. Levy (STScI)

How habitable could planets around other stars be?

Many Earthlings share an interest in finding alien life or homes for future human space colonists. While planets are typically expected to be in the Goldilocks zone of a star to be considered habitable, this zone changes for each solar system and the right planets can be difficult to find.

Join us this week as Mike explores in what conditions planets might be suitable for life.

Astro Brief is a collaboration between KSMU, the Missouri Space Grant, and MSU's Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science. Hosted by Dr. Mike Reed, Astro Brief focuses on astronomical events, the field of astronomy, and astronomy-related guests. It airs Thursdays at 9:45 am on KSMU.

Distinguished Professor of the Missouri State University Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science.