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Astro Brief: May the 4th be with you

May the 4th be with you! In this episode of Astro Brief, faster-than-light travel in worlds like Star Wars or Star Trek make it look so easy and quick to go between stars, but how could this be achieved? Find out this week on Astro Brief!

You can't get a ticket if the speed limit is the speed of light. That is, you cannot go faster than light unless you're in Star Wars or Star Trek. To accomplish this, technologies must be able to control mass as traditional propulsion will not do. If you can't go through space faster, you must create less of it to travel through.

This week, Mike discusses lightspeed travel, warp drives, and science fiction ties to real science.

Astro Brief is a collaboration between KSMU, the Missouri Space Grant, and MSU's Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science. Hosted by Dr. Mike Reed, Astro Brief focuses on astronomical events, the field of astronomy, and astronomy-related guests. It airs Thursdays at 9:45 am on KSMU.

Distinguished Professor of the Missouri State University Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science.