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Astro Brief: Baker Observatory Public Viewing

The Baker Observatory, owned by Missouri State University, has public observing nights where everyone can come view the sky. Mike discusses the observatory and answers, "What might you expect see?"

Missouri State University's Baker Observatory, founded in 1977, contains a modern 20" telescope which can be viewed by the public during public observing nights. There are many amazing astronomical bodies that can be observed from the observatory throughout the year. Mike discusses the observatory and some of the things you might see when you visit the observatory.

Upcoming Public Viewing Nights
Friday April 14 - Around 8:00PM
Friday May 12 - Around 8:30PM

Make sure to check the website or social media for updates, reschedules, and cancellations.

Astro Brief is a collaboration between KSMU, the Missouri Space Grant, and MSU's Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science. Hosted by Dr. Mike Reed, Astro Brief focuses on astronomical events, the field of astronomy, and astronomy-related guests. It airs Thursdays at 9:45 am on KSMU.

Distinguished Professor of the Missouri State University Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science.