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Science and the Environment

Far, Farther, Farthest; From here the Earth is Just a Dot

The Pale Blue Dot: An image of Earth taken from the Voyager mission

The Voyager missions were intended to study the outer planets and they did so with a bang, sending back picture after picture of astounding clarity and beauty.  The public was transfixed by these images and the two missions helped lead the way to newer and better probes that would give even more insights into the solar system.  One particular picture, taken at the end of the lifetime for the cameras was of little scientific value and yet, for me, has meant more than all the others.   That is the look back onto our own earth, taken at the suggestion of Carl Sagan.  This “Pale Blue Dot” and the words written by Sagan to describe its meaning have resonated in my own life and will be the subject of this week’s Stem Spots.