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Science and the Environment

Deer Hunters Asked to Take Harvested Deer for CWD Testing

Colby Stopa

Missouri’s largest hunting event—November firearms deer season—starts tomorrow.  The Missouri Department of Conservation is requiring all hunters in 29 counties in its Chronic Wasting Disease Management Zone to take their deer to a CWD testing station tomorrow and Sunday (11/12-11/13).

Chronic Wasting Disease or CWD has been found in the state.  There have been 33 confirmed cases so far in northeast, central and eastern Missouri.

The neurological disease, which infects deer and other cervids, including elk, is 100 percent fatal.  MDC is monitoring it closely because biologists say if the disease becomes established here, it could have “serious recreational and economic impacts for the state.”

Hunters OUTSIDE the CWD Management Zone are being asked to voluntarily take their harvested deer to testing stations this weekend.

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