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Science and the Environment

New Branson Program Offers Trail, Flower Bed Adoptions

Steven Lilley

The Branson Parks and Recreation Department has started an “Adopt-A-Trail and Flower bed” program aimed at bringing people together, restoring the environment, and creating community bonds.

“Well. We really want to start the program to help beautify the city,” director of Branson Parks and Recreation, Cindy Shook, states.

The program allows citizens to adopt a trail or flower bed, each of which are scattered throughout the city. The group then takes care of their area just a few times out of the year.

Citizens can choose between 12 sections of trails or 11 flower beds to adopt.  

Shook adds that the program serves as a way for area youth to lend a helping hand.

“One of the main things we are thinking of is the ability to teach any of our young citizens the value of community involvement and hard work,” Shook says.

For volunteers to maintain their adopted area, the Parks Department offers certain supplies for the flower beds and trails. Additionally, officials have place signs thanking the volunteers of those areas.

“We want everyone to be recognized of their commitment to the trail or flower bed,” Shook adds.

Although the program just started, the department already has meetings set up with groups interested in adopting. Those interested can call (417) 335-2368 or visit here.