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Science and the Environment

A Wet Few Days Expected for the Ozarks

Amanda Slater

You’ll need your umbrella and raincoat for the next few days.  KSMU’s Michele Skalicky talked with a meteorologist with the National Weather Service to find out what we can expect.

Rain is expected to fall through tomorrow morning.  We’ll get a break from the rain Sunday before it starts up again Sunday night.

John Gagan is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Springfield.

"Anywhere from about two to four inches of rain is going to be common--final amounts with this by the time we get into Saturday morning.  (There) could be some locally higher amounts, but a good general two to four inches of rain looks to be in the offing for the region," he said.

A flash flood watch is in effect from  through Saturday morning.  Gagan says some flooding will be possible.

"The long duration of the rain is certainly going to fill up those creeks and streams--looks like we could get into a minor river flooding situation, and we're definitely going to have to watch area low water crossings for flooding, especially as we get into later tonight into Friday, you know, as we get that persistent rainfall,  that can certainly cause a problem with localized flash flooding," he said.

He says temperatures will be much lower today and tomorrow.  We'll see a high around 63 early today, and then temperatures will drop into the upper 50s.  Highs Saturday are expected to be only around 55 but will warm up to around 66 on Sunday.